Training That Will Make You Serious Money

January 13, 2011

It really amazes me how many people getting in to network marketing, (MLM) without a plan of how they are to succeed. Most people are better organized and more prepared to go on a picnic in the Park than how prepared they are to do business. In preparing for a picnic they, make sure they have the proper foods, equipment, such as plates, silverware, paper cups, grills, charcoal, lighter fluid and toys such as frisbees, footballs, etc.
In addition to not having a plan. Most networkers are improperly trained and educated on how to work the business. If you decided you wanted to be a lawyer, you just don’t sign up with a law Firm and just go out and practice law. At a minimum you would have spent four years in college, three years in law school and then you would have to pass a certain test called the bar exam for your particular state.

Although network marketing does not require a college degree or three additional years of schooling and the only tests to pass is are you making money or not.

If you are interested in becoming a network marketing professional then you need the proper training from a real expert. I want to share with you the teacher. I have never personally met, have talked to him on the phone on a couple occasions have read and listened to his newsletters and audio presentations and the result of that has truly changed my financial future from struggling to success. His name is Tracy Biller and the training he offers can truly change your financial future. He started the network marketing the same way that most of us have and failed. Then he got smart and found a mentor who taught him the correct way of building a network marketing company. Not only was he the top producers in one network marketing, MLM or company. He did it a second time as well. Who would you rather learn from? Your up line who has no more MLM, network marketing training than you? Or from an individual who has not only done it once but twice become the top producer in. He has MLM business.

If you want to succeed in network marketing. Get the proper training, he has a series of seven CDs that will truly cause you to succeed in network marketing. The cost of that is a measly $70 but will profit you a $10,000 a month or more income. If you let it. If $70 is too much to invest in your network marketing business  I would really suggest you get out of the business. If you’re skeptical listen to his free training, by the way, most of his training materials are absolutely free. 

Click on this link and see for yourself and read the testimonials of his students. Get prepared to succeed. No excuses just get results.


A Critical Review of Lead Net Pro

January 12, 2011

Lead generation software has come a long way since its beginnings about four years ago, the best and most easy to use software in the business is Lead Net Pro.


Target & Extract Leads For Any Business Or Industry
Extract Thousands Of Leads Daily With No Limit
Broadcast Email Campaigns To Leads Within Minutes
Compile Unlimited Mailing Lists & Print Mailing Labels
Contact Leads Within Minutes Through Phone Broadcasting


                                                           Must be hosted on hosting account which although is not expensive. Some other lead generation software are a lot slower and less accurate but you pay no hosting fees.
Simply I find this to be the best software I’ve ever invested in because you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use this lead generation software. Everything is explained step-by-step, so that anybody can get this up and running in minutes. If you’re in sales you need this system. This system has amazed me with what it has done to increase the salesi In both my direct marketing, sales and network marketing, sales. Check it out for yourself. Go to my website

The Best Leads For Your Home Based Business

January 12, 2011

Okay you signed up with a network marketing company and you’re very excited because now you can see the possibility of making a full-time income from home spending more time with your family and friends and you see the opportunity to work when you want to. Your up line begins to tell you how to build your business and very soon you discover that the methods your up line and your network marketing company teaches plainly does not work. The methods taught are very flawed ,and the reason that most people who get into network marketing or MLM fail.

The first method that was taught was to make the list all the friends, family and just plain people you know and to recruit from this list . How many of these people that you know would be interested in doing what you’re proposing them to do? Probably most people on your list would not consider selling anything. A lot of people think that network marketing or MLM is a scam and not a trustworthy business. You try calling your friends and family and people you know and nobody is interested your up line than starts to call them for you because he or she has been in the business longer than you, so they figure your list will listen to them and still maybe one or two people will sign up, but many times. Nobody signs up.

The second method that is often taught is a 10 foot rule.. What that is, of shopping been

 While shopping being in a gathering with people  you pitch people as you see them in at 10 foot circle about your business. Frankly, I find this to be one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard of anyone doing. I think when people do something like this. They look desperate and very, very silly.

The third method is probably one of the biggest wastes of time  that is purchasing business opportunity seekers leads, these leads are sold by lead brokers. Some of these leads can be as much as $15 for one lead. Leads like this are generated on the Internet and consists of people just like your friends and family and people you know that. First of all, are very skeptical and secondly, they don’t really want to sell anything.

Personally, I tried doing the first and third method and became very frustrated, lost some friends lost money to the business opportunity seeker leads broker (the lead broker was the only one who made any money in my network marketing business) then by chance I started talking to one of the heavy hitters in my company, who had  built a huge downline within two years and was now generating $50,000 a month in personal profits for himself. I told him about my situation and asked him if he had any suggestions of what I could do to turn this situation around. He advised me that people who were successful in recruiting friends and family and people may know were lucky. recruiting friends and family just does not work.

He than asked me if I ever considered recruiting from the target market, the first question I had asked him was who is the target market? He paused for a moment and asked me a question and that question was if you were selling a gadget or pulley system for a race car who would you sell it to? My answer was people who own cars. He laughed and said that was too general and not specific enough. He answered back, would it not be better to market this product to people who race cars? All of a sudden the lightbulb went on in my mind and I got his point. He then told me about MLM genealogy leads that these leads are people who already have been in a networ, k marketing company, that have an idea of what it takes to be successful, know other people who would be interested. Many times in these genealogy lead lists you will find the heavy hitters of a particular network marketing company that may be ready to move on for many reasons. I started using these genealogy leads and started to make money. I found it easy to build a very large downline quickly.

So The point is that you can do the same thing build a steady progressive downline that will guarantee you a steady income very inexpensively  When I first started to buy MLM genealogy lead lists. They were hard to find because this was before the day of the Internet. Now today the situation is totally different. They’re easier to find and even less expensive than they were when I first started buying them.

I have new, fresh and hot genealogy lead lists out there today and IM selling them at an incredible value price. The list consists of the following companies:

Regenisis 4600
Creative Memories 20,000
Xango 2600
Eniva 3000
IAB 15,554
M2C Global 3,220
Monavie 66,337
Trivita 25,353
Stemtech 31,550
Royal Body Care 27,708
Isagenix 4866
Goji 12,149
Mellueca 22,734                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       PP
Amazon Herbs 13,167
Formor 1,419
Oasis Wellness 7,491
70 Mannatech 94,600
15,000 Advocare
45,000 Ameriplan
Cruise to Cash
11,000 EDC Gold
90,000 Eniva
huge amount Fortune Hi Tech (8 files)
20,000 Ignite
small Oxyfresh/Shaklee
Waiora list 18,000
Monavie 4278
Monovie  807
PPL 1460
Usana 1082
YTB 11445
Fruta Vida 3907
Xango 1635
ACN 2049
Gano Excel 867
Market America 3722
GBG 5000

For a limited time. I am selling the 37 list you see above, at a special introductory price of $795 that is less than $22 a list incredible deal. If The price of 37 lead lists is out of your budget choose the package right for you.

37 lead lists $795.
 20 lead lists $595

10 lead lists $395.

5 Lead lists $295

1 list  $79

Choose the package you want email me the lists or list you want. pay By Pay Pal and soon as I recieve payment I will send you the package you ordered. Email address is  If you perfer to talk to me directly call 651_207-8082

I will email you my paypal address and after receiving payment I will send you the lead package. All Packages are delivered electronically the same day as purchased.

The secrets Of successful Selling In Direct and Network marketing Sales

January 11, 2011

First I want to welcome you to this page, and congratulate you on your decision to join thousands of successful people in the direct sales and network marketing businesses. I assure you that reading this blog will not be a waste of your time because it will be filled with tactics, strategies and resources that you can readily use to build a very profitable business platform.

The only articles that will appear in this blog will be articles that you can use to become more successful in your sales business without making needless mistakes that almost everyone who has gone into sales without the correct sales training, and tools have made..

My name is John Masink and I have been in this business for over 30 years, sales have supported both me and my family very well and I wish you the same prosperity.